25 Design Business Tools The Property Brothers Drew & Jonathan Scott Use Daily

Exclusive Interview: 25 Interior Design Business Tips From The Property Brothers - Drew & Jonathan Scott » High Point, High Point Market » Decorboss » property brothers »

For over 20 years, Christi Tasker’s product and interior designs are seen in projects globally. Her marketing agency and branding agency help residential interior designers start up their businesses and succeed through marketing and interior design project development.

Show Notes & Take Aways

  1. Think about what the client needs and have the ability to service that need. 
  2. Homeowners: A well-staged home will get you more money. 
  3. If you are designing a home to sell, be cautious with outlandish furnishings. 
  4. Designers are only as strong as your team. 
  5. Look for people that have a can-do attitude. 
  6. Organization is key for growing a design business. 
  7. Find creative ways to stay in touch with previous clients. 
  8. Grow your referral business. 
  9. Use your professional tool belt to become the hub for your client. 
  10. Become the one stop shop! For every question a client asks, you should have an answer. 
  11. Google is a designer’s best friend. 
  12. Know what’s out there and be inspired by it. 
  13. Speak in terms that clients can easily understand. 
  14. Pay attention to what the clients want. 
  15. Benefit your homeowner, get rid of your ego! 
  16. Roll with the punches, there’s more than one way to design. 
  17. Bring more accessories to an installation than you’ll need. 
  18. Own your mistakes. 
  19. Allow kids to be a part of the renovation & design process. 
  20. Avoid overspending. Research neighborhood caps. 
  21. Have fun! 
  22. Respect yourself. 
  23. Balance your personal time. 
  24. There’s not one right way to do things. 
  25. Hire RockStars and treat them like such. Gift them with a RockStar pins – click here to view. Teach your kids to build early! 
    1. Property Brothers Books mentioned – click here to view and purchase the following books: 
      1. Big Brother Big Plans Book – New York Times Best Seller by Property Brothers, Drew & Jonathan Scott 
      2. It Takes Two – by Property Brothers, Drew & Jonathan Scott 
      3. Buying & Selling by Property Brothers, Drew & Jonathan Scott 

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