20 Answers: “What Does an Interior Designer do on a Daily Basis?”

 What Are We, Interior Designers? | What Does An Interior Designer Do On A Daily Basis?

As a hospitality interior designer and experiential marketing agency owner, coach to interior designers and decorators globally, I get that question all the time! From students and everyday people alike, most outside of the interior design industry ask, “What do interior designers do on a daily basis?”

What The Industry Calls Interior Designers | What Does An Interior Designer Do?

That’s an interesting question. Some would say we are a psychologist. Others would argue that we are maids. Builders often thing of decorators as desecrators. {They don’t like our attention to detail.} Others would say interior designers are contractors. Many times builders that like us think of us as their best project managers. In hospitality we are often creative brand managers and “directors of interiors” experiences. Today’s guest on DecorBoss is Decorating Den Interiors Designer of the Year – Suzan Toerpe Wemlinger watch and listen to how Suzane defines her role as an “interior designer” somedays and “interior decorator other days. 20 Answers: "What Does an Interior Designer do on a Daily Basis?" » Blog » what does an interior designer do »  

Learn How “Interior Designer” & “Interior Decorator” Suzan  | What Does An Interior Designer Do?

Listen to how Suzan operates her residential interior design business. Considering Decorating Den Interiors is a sponsor of P.S. This Rocks and DecorBoss, from an outside perspective and former admirer of Decorating Den’s brand name, I had to know more. Suzan tells all of her secrets of how she gets her projects published. How an interior designer is really a GC (General Contractor). And how she makes it ALL work out for the good of her beloved clients. Without further ado, meet my new found friend, and sister from another mister, Suzan Toerpe Wemlinger.  

What Is The Difference Between an “Interior Designer” and an “Interior Decorator”? | What Does An Interior Designer Do?

While we designers can seem “inferior although we are not. My mom refers to me as “The Little General” on job sites. When feeling like I’m not being heard, I arrive with a coffee mug that says, “Boss Lady” or “DecorBoss”, “DesignRockstar”.  I really don’t care what anyone calls me, as long as they call me and now….only for multi-million dollar hospitality projects preferably in Miami or the Caribbean or another interesting place on Earth. It took me over 20 years to get where I’m at as an “Brand Creative Director” and “Director of Interiors” to others. Yes, today I can be picky in my projects. I never care what my title is as long as I’m enjoying the projects and people I work with.  

What did we learn from Suzan’s What Does a Designer Do on a Daily Basis Interview?

Interior Designers are not only general contractors, maids, photography stylists, but we are mind readers, visionaries. {I can’t thank the good Lord above for my 3am visions that have delayed themselves until 5am since moving back east to Miami.} 20 Answers: "What Does an Interior Designer do on a Daily Basis?" » Blog » what does an interior designer do » But, we are moms, Glammas, entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, janitors, baristas, multi-taskers. {no pun intended.} Really, today I had a contractor ask me for a tape measure, then a pencil, then a sofa. Really….what does a designer do on a daily basis? I’m convinced we are somehow related to 3M, 007, and Mother Theresa – ALL IN ONE!

Designers and future designers, I hope you will answer one of these two questions below –

  1. Professional Interior Designers, if you had known what a designer does on a daily basis would you have still become an interior designer?
  2. Future Designers, aka. Future DecorBosses – what of these real things that we do are you most surprised by?
No matter where you are in your journey of interior design – I can’t wait to see your name in lights! If you haven’t already – WATCH MY FREE WEBINAR AND LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR DESIGN PORTFOLIO. OR if you’re in for really good written stories, read my interview with Blake Shelton’s interior designer Phara Queen and learn how she got Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani on her resume without a portfolio. XGO✈ #ROCKSTAR! Christi P.S. If you have more questions regarding “What Does an Interior Designer Do On A Daily Basis” or anything else about an interior design business or decorating business, drop a comment below or join my DESIGN ROCKSTARS Facebook group.

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