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20 Answers: “What Does an Interior Designer do on a Daily Basis?”

As an entrepreneur that started out in the world of interior design, there’s a saying “once a designer, always a designer”. The truth is, there’s A LOT that goes into interior design that no school will ever teach you. I often lecture at design schools and in this article I cover all of the juicy gossip of “what does an interior designer do on a daily basis?” I don’t think you would guess half of it.

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When it comes to entrepreneurship, I've been there and done that! At age 20, I opened an interior design firm with my mother.

Unknowingly, when we bought our first property to open our retail store, we quickly became commercial property developers {that’s a long but funny story}. Seriously, I began designing jewelry at age 8. I made so much money my parents couldn’t believe it and rarely did I ask them for things or money – I bought most of my wears and paid the bill on my personal phone line :) Yes, I’m like a prehistoric dinosaur – I was around when having your own phone line was a “thing”. In 2005, after the 9/11 crisis, goods from manufacturers were a rarity. Does that remind you of anything? I then realized there wasn’t a supply chain issue, but there was a “hold back issue”. I took $1500 and started manufacturing my product collection to include everything from luxury area rugs to jewelry, scarves, and furniture. COX Communications, Vegas Inc, and NBC NEWS identify me as a technology expert. To me, there are no experts. There are only creative minds choosing to take risks.


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Printable Social Media Planning Worksheets

Printable Social Media Planning Worksheets

Printable Social Media Planning Worksheets

Printable Social Media Planning Worksheets

Printable Social Media Planning Worksheets