The Life of Michael Jackson’s Interior Designer

The Life of Michael Jackson’s Interior Designer

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Show Notes & Take Aways

  1. Genuine silver is always stamped with a “hallmark” indicating the level of purification. #AntiqueTip 
  2. #Selfcare idea for the day: Take a real moroccan bath like Michael Jackson’s designer. 
  3. Learn how to create seating charts from Michael Jackson’s designer. 
  4. How To Prevent indigestion During Dinner Parties: Seat like-minded together. 
  5. A party host should take the leader’s position at a dinner party. #eventplanning 
  6. Aside from the blessing, a dinner party should be politic and religion free. 
  7. Entrepreneurial Tip From Michael Jackson’s interior designer: Find clients that fit your lifestyle. 
  8. Balance the five feng shui elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water in your home. 
  9. Create good chi (or energy) is very important in the home. 
  10. Some things start small and lead to huge endeavours. 
  11. Don’t turn down the call for a single sofa. 
  12. Not only did Doc Phineas #design for Michael Jackson after his Thriller album, he also designed for Julia Childs. #JuliaChilds #MichaelJackson #MJ #KingofPop 
  13. “Clothes Make The Man” ~ Shakespeare via Kenneth Kassler, aka. Doc Phineas 
  14. Designers are problem solvers. 
  15. The power of moderation is everything. 
  16. “In the Victorian era they made everything look a little bit British, a little bit Indian and a little bit steampunk.” ~Kenneth Kastler, Doc Phineas @DecorBoss on @PSthisRocks 
  17. Steampunk is the Victorian era science fiction. 
  18. Get your gears turning -create interest -moderately incorporate steampunk in spaces. 
  19. Doc loves attending the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. 
  20. “Travel is the best university” ~Kenneth Kastler, aka. Doc Phineas 
  21. Doc would teach his 19 year old self the art of patience. 
  22. If you’re a friend you’ll always have one ☝️ 
  23. Doc holds the keys to the violet city La Cote D’azur, a famous destination in the French Riveria. 
  24. Want to wake up to the smell of Chanel No. 5? Move the the French village of La Cote D’azur. 
  25. I just watched Michael Jackson’s interior designer on @PSthisRocks 
  26. Wonder who designed Micheal Jackson’s Thriller mansion? Watch this now. 
You’ve seen him in Las Vegas. You’ve seen him on HGTV, History Channel shows such as Pawn Stars as the “Professor of Antiquities,” BBC’s Paranormal Hauntings, Travel Channel’s Mystery at the Museum, Haunted Hotels, Haunted Hospitals, and so many more shows. He’s evoked more curiosity than anyone that I know. Now, he can speak out about his REAL gig. Aside from his reality television side hustle, his main business has always been an interior designer – and for some verrry famous people!
In our exclusive interview, KENNETH KASTLER, aka Doc Phineas, King of Steampunk, master of antiquities talks about:
1. How Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand & many celebrities discovered him
2. His path to interior design & television
3. The story of how Michael Jackson & Doc went to Disneyland for design ideas
5. Distinguishing genuine silver from look-a-likes
6. Entertaining & dinner party tips
7. Self-care for interior designers
8. Why dressing for success is so important
9/ How being nice and egoless, yet assertive pays off
10. Advice for designers today
So much more, we’ll need a second interview for sure! Stay posted to your Facebook group notifications.

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